Evaluation and Treatment Plan

Appointment Schedule

Day 1

  • Provide a complete history of your child at the first (and each subsequent) visit.
  • Conduct a comprehensive neurological and functional evaluation by The Family Hope Center’s Clinical Support Team using our unique Integrative and Developmental Progression (IDP) chart, which measures vision, reading, learning, hearing, tactility, mobility, language, and emotional and social development.
  • Meeting with the Medical Director to review all bodily systems
  • A neurological diagnosis—covering the degree and location within the brain of the child’s dysfunction—is presented and discussed.
  • Our Clinical Support Team shares its finding about your child’s specific needs
  • Cranial sacral and fascia evaluation and session.

Day 2

  • Overview of your child’s new comprehensive neurological treatment plan
  • Review of an individualized education, learning and language program in which parents are taught how to develop and improve your child’s language and communication skills, including reading, writing and learning
  • Detailed instruction of a sensory program in which you learn to help develop the sensory pathways that correspond to your child’s diagnosis.
  • Development of a social and emotional program plan, including its practical application, together with the parents and clinical team
  • Review your child's customized nutrition program