Cerebral Palsy

Stories of Family Hope: Cerebral Palsy
The Singer family and the DeMoss families discuss their frustration over the lack of improvements their infant children experienced in the medical community. Then they heard about The Family Hope Center in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Here are their stories. (11:06)
Alex says: "I think it’s worth it."
14-year old Alex, from Loganville, IN, share his story about his life-long struggle with complications from his diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Now, in just 7 months from the time his parents, Dan and Debbie, attended the Family Hope Center's 3 Day Parent Training Conference, Alex is eating and sleeping better, has more energy, is less irritable, and doing significantly better in his school work. (10:23)
Owen Takes a Walk
Amy Y. from Pennsylvania talks about the journey with now 7-year old Owen that began with a difficult birth, doctors who said "we have a better chance of winning the lottery than ever finding out what was wrong with our son", and having Owen "medically managed". Things changed when Amy received a visit from a stranger who brought information about the Family Hope Center. (15:04)
Asher's New Beginning
Parents Philip and Cindy discuss the struggle to thrive for their son Asher, who was born with the diagnosis of a form of Cerebral Palsy. After finding out about The Family Hope Center and attending the 3 day Parent Training Conference, Philip and Cindy talk about the incredible progress he is experiencing from following a plan they learned at the conference after just three months. (09:07)