Conditions We Address

At the Family Hope Center, we work with parents whose children represent a vast and complex array of neurologically-based challenges, (dis)abilities, and disorders. Similarly, those children come to us with an equally diverse range of ages, functional abilities, and strengths. Whether your child is at risk for 1) poor neurodevelopmental outcomes for genetic or metabolic reasons, 2) suffered an injury prenatally (e.g., fetal alcohol syndrome) or during birth (e.g., Cerebral Palsy), or 3) suffered a general loss of function (e.g., Autism, TBI, Alzheimer's), we help parents like you. In short, no matter the etiology, if your child’s difficulties are neurologically-based (cognitive, behavioral, motor, seizure, or communication disorder) or if their condition is likely to result in (or already has) adverse neurodevelopmental consequences, we can help.

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