Explanation of Costs

A primary concern of many parents is the cost of our services compared to other medical treatments or therapies. This page is intended to address some of those concerns and to explain the value of our service model given the diverse range of expertise we provide.

  1. Our costs may seem high compared to the cost of traditional outpatient therapies in part because we combine individual treatment costs and ask parents to pay a lump sum, up front, rather than cost per hour.
    • 3-day training conference: includes 30 hours of intensive instruction, as well as lunch and refreshments each day.
    • 2-day appointment + 6-month support: includes various assessments, evaluations, consultations, and and individualized instruction from an interdisciplinary team combined with unlimited clinical team support over the subsequent 6 months.

  2. We believe that by teaching parents skills and strategies they can implement directly at home, the value of what parents receive per hour from the Family Hope Center is much greater than traditional therapeutic interventions that involve only the therapist and the child.
    • Parents can implement these interventions at home more frequently and/or intensively than is possible during a traditional one-hour per week appointment.

  3. Our model allows us to combine the clinical and medical expertise of a diverse team, allowing parents to access multiple specialists for one cost.
    • Typically, a single treatment (or appointment) constitutes a single cost. However, most children require a myriad or treatments or consultations with multiple specialists to meet the full range of their needs. When those treatments are combined together into a comprehensive plan (as we do at the FHC), the cumulative cost is much higher. Our 2-day appointment, for example, includes multiple treatment modalities and six months of unlimited support from all of the specialists that your child might need. In comparison, the total amount spent on other individual therapies and medical appointments over a 6-month period would be similar to our up front fee.

More Details on our Services and Costs

3-Day Training Conference  
$880 for one parent, $1500 for two parents (U.S. only)

The Parent Training Conference is an intensive 3-day conference that involves 30+ hours of group instruction, practical demonstrations, small group workshops, and frequent/structured opportunities for question/answer periods. The total cost includes lunch and refreshments for all three days, and a post-conference Q&A webinar to support parents implementing the strategies they learned in the conference at home. The Family Hope Center also provides a discount for parents who schedule an appointment for a 2-day evaluation and therapeutic plan when they register for the conference.

2-Day Appointment  
$3950 (2nd child 50% off) (U.S. only) - this does not apply to expense fees in different countries

A 2-day appointment at the Family Hope Center involves an extensive evaluation of your child, consultation with multiple specialists, an individualized treatment program, and parent training.
  • Day 1 - children receive a comprehensive evaluation from one of our clinical staff, a review of your child’s medical history, full medical appointment and physical check, nutritional consultation, and an orthopedic consultation.
  • Day 2 - parents receive practical, step-by-step instruction on various components of an individualized home treatment program, tailored to their child based on the previous day’s evaluations by various members of the team. Parents receive individualized instruction in behavioral strategies, social/emotional development, sensory interventions, fine/gross motor interventions, educational programs, and breathing programs.

Additional Financial Resources
Aligned with our core philosophical values, our goal is to provide parents with as much information and resources as possible to help mitigate the financial cost of our services. To that end, we have prepared a list of financial resources for parents including insurance, government programs, and private funding. For parents living in the United States, this list includes information concerning medical assistance and guidelines for reimbursement by state. For those living outside the United States, we have listed partner organizations who raise money privately to support parents participating in our programs or services. For all our parents (domestic and international), we also participate in using the WeeFIM, a pediatric assessment tool used around the world to measure functional change in response to medical intervention or treatment. The FIM was originally developed to provide data that would measure rehabilitation program outcomes for third party payers and accrediting bodies.

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