Developmental Delays

Oliver: “He’s doing absolutely amazing!”
Oliver is now 17 years old, attending college and drives his own car after his 5-year journey through multiple diagnoses including severe learning, social and physical developmental delays. His mother Elaine discuss the tremendous changes he has had through The Family Hope Center program.
Daniel Thrives Again!
Daniel's Mum, Rebecca, discusses the "quagmire of uncertainty and confusion" in finding help for her son who was not reaching his developmental milestones. "We were definitely one of those families going here, there and everywhere. Life was hectic and confusing, and our progress was incredibly slow", until one day a friend mentioned The Family Hope Center.
Finley's Journey: "It was almost too simple!"
Sara and Daniel Lamb from Merseyside, UK talk about their journey with their son Finley, aged 5. At the age of two Finley could not walk or talk and had severe auditory, sensory and visual issues; difficulties he was potentially facing for the rest of his life. Following unsuccessful consultations with speech, eye and occupational therapists, a physiotherapist, geneticists, neurologists and a pediatrician Sara next turned to a 3-hour talk being hosted by The Family Hope Center in Dublin, Ireland.