Family Stories

Caleb's Taking Off!
Parents Renée and George, an internal medicine doctor who works for the U.S. Army’s Surgeon General’s Office, heard about the Family Hope Center from a deputy who had taken the 3 day Parent Training Conference and had impressive success with their child’s improvement. They brought their son to the Family Hope Center.
Now I can go to college!
14-year old Oliver D. from Manchester, England, came to the Family Hope center with multiple diagnoses including severe learning, social and physical developmental delays. His mother Elaine discuss the tremendous changes he has had in 2 short years on the FHC program, and has made gains of 290% in the past 6 months. Oliver now has lots of friends, communicates well, is finally "part of the family", and above all, he is happy. "Now I know I can go to college, instead of having a dead-end job!", he says. (5:50)
“He’s grown up more than I could imagine.”

Merete S. from Norway, talks about her son Matias. When he first came to The Family Hope Center, Matias had recently been diagnosed with ADD, and struggled with learning and social difficulties. After his first six months on their FHC Program Matias has made 24 months of progress! Now, at 15 years old, his mother says, "He's growing up, he's more social, and he likes girls".
"Our whole lives have changed."
Mom Jamie and her husband Tim, a pastor from from Colmar, PA talk about the difficulty their 2 year old daughter Anna had experienced since her birth with a brain cyst resulting in 9 surgeries. When she came to FHC, she had no mobility, and severe developmental delays. Now, after having attending the Parent Training Conference and their first 2-day evaluation, Anna's development is catching up fast. (15:12)