A Letter from the Directors

Hello Parents,

Perhaps you are reading this letter to learn more information about the FHC, its mission, its philosophy, its results. Perhaps you are trying to determine whether to invest your time and hard-earned money into a standalone neuro clinic whose approach is unique and parent-centered.

You may have many questions: Do I risk the time, money and hope spending three days at a parent training conference? What and who is the FHC?

I think you can know a great deal about a person by what they believe – not necessarily what they think but, what are their core values. Let me share some of mine. First, I believe parents want to be deeply involved in their child’s growth and development, not standing on the sideline. Second, I believe that we should actively teach parents how to understand and develop the neurology of their child.

It is truly wonderful to observe parents fully engaged, leading their child’s brain development step by step. You have the drive. You may simply need new information, taught by people who have decades of experience and who care about you and your family. And, you may need a resource to help guide and support you along the journey.

We believe the brain grows with stimulation and opportunity. The FHC approach, carefully guided and supported by good nutrition, creates major developments in real day-to-day functions for children. We believe in you, the child, the brain, good nutrition, fitness and laughter for everyone in the family.

In closing, we invite you to browse our web page, view some of the family and professional videos, examine our national WeeFIM results, and ask us questions. It would be a privilege to partner with you and your family.

You are always most welcomed to call our team or visit our facebook site (Family Hope Center) for more information.

Matthew Newell,
The Family Hope Center