Key Principals

Much of the theory behind the program is based on the concept of neuroplasticiy - the ability of the brain to reorganize its structure and functions - there is still a lot that is unknown about neuroplasticity, the brain does not have limitless etc. - from Exeter (pull the source)


the problematic claim that the same intervention will be effective for and cure a variety of diseases with diverse aetiologies.

Evaluation and Treatment Approach - How we are different

  • Traditional medical diagnostic criteria relies on a collection of symptoms needed to arrive at a diagnosis. At the FHC our evaluative approach focuses more on functional ability in different areas, yielding a far different (and we believe, more descriptive) kind of diagnosis that is far more helpful to parents in their daily lives. This different perspective and the language used to describe it are the focus of our parent conference. Thus, as you will learn from our conference, we use much different (more precise?) language to classify the children we evaluate, language that is a primary focus of our parent conference. However, we understand that classically, your child has been diagnosed according to the symptoms they exhibit (as opposed to the functional developmental abilities they possess), and so we have created the following list for you, according to those classical categories.
  • Children are traditionally diagnosed/classified according to.....
    We offer a different perspective.
  • Our evaluation and treatment philosophies represent a fundamental shift away from the traditional/medical model. Because of this, a critical first step towards building an effective partnership in the support of your child’s development is an introduction to those philosophies and the language used. For these reasons, we created the parent conference as a critical first step in our partnership with you. While the conference is intended as a standalone entity, and will provide parents with extremely important tools, skills, and information they can use to positively influence their child’s development right away, it also serves as the foundation for a potential future partnership with our families who take the next step and visit the FHC.
  • Traditional treatment models in which children receive therapy a few times a week leaves a void for those parents who are interested in doing more. We find that avenues for those parents are often few or difficult to access. We are an organization dedicated to filling that void, working with and for families who are interested in learning skills and information they can apply at home with their children to improve their relationships, manage difficult behavior, or promote new growth in a variety of developmental, cognitive, or social areas. Our parents want to maximize their child’s potential, and we want to help support them by providing and synthesizing the vast amount of information and therapies out there for parents to choose from. Parents who want to learn more about development, etc