Parent Centered Approach

At the Family Hope Center, our primary focus is helping parents achieve the goals they have for their children. Our parents speak many different languages and come from a diverse range of countries, cultures, and beliefs. You reach us because of the commonalities we share:

  • You are dedicated to learning more information about the source of your child’s challenges
  • You want to learn the most appropriate strategies and activities you can implement at home with your child that will supplement more traditional interventions, therapies, education plans, and/or medical options available to you
  • You want to know how best to support your child in achieving the best possible life outcomes


The Family Hope Center empowers parents who do not know where to turn but who want to create a better future for their children. We want to “get you in the driver's seat” of your children's development by partnering with you and helping you better understand your child’s needs using a clinical approach.


The Family Hope Center believes parents understand their children the most and are in the best position to guide their children to positive outcomes. We partner with parents and teach you how to take a primary and active role in your children’s development.


The Family Hope Center knows that understanding your children is central to aiding in their developmental process. Our goal is to help parents discover the source of each child’s neurological potential, as well as the challenges, and bridge the gap.

Therapeutic Approach

At the Family Hope Center, we believe that parents, given the proper knowledge, skills, and tools, have the capacity to implement highly effective interventions for their children. A parent-driven therapeutic model helps parents feel more proactive, empowered, and better able to address their child’s developmental needs.

The Family Hope Center has physicians, clinicians, therapists, and educators on staff to provide families with an individualized plan that is unique to each child’s needs. We seek to synthesize existing research, clinical expertise, and treatments across several fields to provide parents with information about therapeutic options that have been found to be beneficial for certain populations. We train parents to implement an individualized set of therapies at home.

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