Parent Statements

“I am so grateful that I could have the opportunity to be here! I’ve learned so much and am going to share the good news/insight that I learned here. You are amazing!”

- Phil D., Gauteng, South Africa 2017

“I feel confident and empowered now to help my two daughters. Thank you.”

- Nicola S., Prenton, Wirral, UK 2015

“Thank you so much for caring for our children, and even for us as parents. Thank you for being friendly, caring and positive. God Bless You!”

- Marinda O., Mpumalanga, SA 2017

“After spending years pursuing answers, it finally looks like we have something that will heal our son.”

- Julia G., Hanscom, MA 2015

“I’m a typical, cynical Brit, so I struggled to get my head around this. I had followed the advice of all the ‘traditional’ medics and accepted Megan’s fate (non-mobile, non-verbal, wheelchair bound, never capable of doing anything independant). I know now that I don’t have to accept this and feel terrible that I almost did that to her. It doesn’t have to be that way. Thank you!”

- Helen D., United Kingdom 2015

“WOW! I want to share this with others. I have tears of joy and thankfulness, and tears of sadness knowing how society and the medical community do not yet embrace this!”

- Stephanie A., Pennsylvania 2014

“We had frustrations with ‘experts’ looking at isolated issues. I would try everything to help my daughter, and the attitude of focusing abilities is now our family motto! I was highly impressed by the professionalism, the passion and the humor - thank you! Your personal anecdotes and so much credibility, and your holistic approach convinced me. It exceeded my expectations!”

- Sara S., Germany 2014

“Besides the information and materials presented being awesome, the entire conference was so well organized, presented and delivered.”

- Nancy G., Hartford, WI 2014

“I have new hope -- not just for my son, but for our whole family.”

- Karina J., Denmark 2015

“Thank you for all the help you extend; we look forward to our 2-day evaluation with Landon. It’s a relief to feel like there is a solution to the issues we are dealing with.”

- Bekah H., Gilbertsville, PA 2017

“Just ‘Thank You’ for making me believe that I can help my little girl and know where to concentrate my efforts; knowing I can make a difference and that I have support along the way.”

- Sarah E., Liverpool, UK 2015

“I am wildly excited about the information I received. All aspects exceeded my expectations, and I now understand specifics about brain development that I have been confused about. I’m very grateful for you all, and for what I learned.”

- Esther W. , South Carolina 2014

“Thank you for empowering me to intervene and to heal; and start the process of restoration for my son. The Program is amazing!”

- Litha A., Johannesburg, South Africa 2014

“When I first heard of ‘The Family Hope Center’, I thought the name was a bit corny. But now I feel it’s an incredibly suitable name! I appreciate the Team’s commitment and desire to help kids, the availability of the whole Tam and the genuine way they approach each person and situation. Thank you!”

- Susan S.,, Canada 2014

“Thanks you for the encouragement and excitement to begin this new journey toward wellness.”

- Patricia K., Gross Pointe, MI 2017

“I am really pleased to be offered the knowledge to restore my child. I feel lucky for the first time in years.”

- Nathan S. Merseyside, UK 2015

“The conference was not as ‘alternative’ or ‘crazy’ (or contrary to what I know to be good) as I expected. A lot of it is stuff I know if good for the body or my therapists already tell me to do, but it is way more organized with more repetition, which I know my son needs from experience. Now I have an organized plan with hope and belief that Ethan can get better.”

- Karen P., Pennsylvania 2014

“I’m super-impressed with the level of professionalism, passion, commitment and knowledge! The program is well put together, thought through and delivered. I’m exhausted but extremely excited at the prospects of really helping my child. Can’t wait to get started!”

- Paulo P., Johannesburg, South Africa 2017

“Just a huge Thank You! To all the Team! You’ve taught us the basics that are simple to follow and execute at home!”

- Deliana T., Johannesburg, South Africa 2017

“Yes, I’m looking forward to working with my child and this great Team of people. The Conference has been fantastic.”

- Bernie H., Merseyside, UK 2015

“Thank You! Your center and team are the answer to our prayers. We stopped feeling alone in wanting to heal our 2 children on day 1 of this conference.”

- Kari R., Oklahoma 2014

“You’re all amazing! Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to starting the program and giving my child the best so she can be her best.”

- Miriam V., Cedarhurts, NY 2106

“I truly hope this program grows within the U.K. as I can see benefits it could bring to many children here.”

- Kevin P., Wallasey, Merseyside, UK 2014

“I have found the training to be fascinating - so interesting to learn about the brain and to help my child with specific areas he is struggling with.”

- Jenny H., Wirral, Merseyside, UK 2015

“Yes, yes, yes! I am very exciting to have a plan to really help my child. I love that you practice what you preach with lots of breaks and healthy food options. I love that FHC did all the hard work and shared it with us. My life will be different, my children will be different. This is life changing! Thank you for making it affordable to the masses. I will tell everybody about your seminars and programs.”

- Jill E., Pennsylvania 2014

“I am a rebel by birth, so the fact that you are bucking the system of Western medicine really spoke to me. I came into this knowing nothing with zero hope, now I have hope and kknow that there is a pathway to help our child. I am thankful for this.”

- Shawn S., Tennessee 2014

“Thank you Matt & Carol and the Team for taking the time to teach this valuable info to parents. I feel confident to go home and begin implementing the protocols.”

- Stephani D., Orlando FL 2017

“This was a really wonderful experience. Thank you so much for the knowledge, the care and the hope. Can’t wait to see you all again with Remy next week, and I am very grateful to have you guys ‘on our Team’!”

- Chloe W., Brooklyn NY 2017

“Really appreciate you. Words are not enough to explain the gratitude for gaining insight into and sharing what you have learned and gathered over so many years.”

- Henriette C., Worcester, SA 2017

“I finally feel like someone actually understands my struggles as well as my child’s. I finally have hope.”

- Angelica C., 2015

“Thank you for giving my family Hope and the practical tools to helping my child when the system failed her.”

- Allison F., West Essex, UK

“Can’t express enough gratitude to FHC for coming to South Africa. Please come again! Our people are hungry for help!”

- Corne S., Pretoria, Sourth Africa 2017