Seizure Disorders

“120 seizures a day, and nothing was working.”
Parents Kevin and Ashley discuss the journey of their daughter, Vivian, who was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder at 16 months. While enduring 120 seizures a day, Vivian’s parents had a chaotic life of seeing the best neurologists in the U.S., hospitalizations, doctor’s appointments and medication trials that only lead to dead ends, and it was only getting worse. At 3-1/2 years old, her neurological development was stuck at 9 months.
Sarahs Gets Moving
Teachers Markus and Sandra from Eggenfelden, Germany tell the story of their journey with their daughter Sarahs who began experiencing epileptic seizures and severe developmental delays following several vaccinations. After searching for answers, two mothers recommended The Family Hope Center, and upon researching FHC, decided to attend the 3-Day Parent Training Conference.
Sarahs Fortschritte
Nach einer zweitägigen Untersuchung in der Klinik vom Family Hope Center in Norristown (in der Nähe von Philadelphia, U.S.A.) hat die Familie mit einem Trainingsprogramm angefangen. Durch die Therapie hat Sarah große Fortschritte gemacht: Zwei Jahre lang hatte sie sich nicht fortbewegt, jetzt kriecht und krabbelt sie auf dem Boden. Auch ihre Persönlichkeit hat sich stark entwickelt: Sie stellt jetzt Augenkontakt her und ist neugierig auf die Welt um sie herum.